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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Here you can read El-Semicolon disclaimer

What are the responsibilities of El-Semicolon?

- Delivering your orders exactly following to your requirements.

- Designing your orders to be user-friendly.

- Developing all scripts to be secure and accurate to what you ordered.

- All front-end designs are managed by El-Semicolon.

- All scripts are tested before delivering the order/

What are the responsibilities of the clients?

- Not to modify the code.

- Not to modify the design.

- Using the website

- The content of the website.

- The data in the database.

- Any application of nonsense links to make a bad insertion or any other modification in the database or the website

In which cases must El-Semicolon handle problems with the websites?

- Within the first 14 days after delivering the order.

- When one of the scripts is mistakenly vulnerable (within a year).

- If one of the links is broken (within a year).

- Any other front-end (design) mistakes (within a year).

- All fixations of the previous cases are free.

In which cases must the client handle things with websites?

- If the client received any taxes or fines related to the manner of using the website.

- When the client tries to modify the code by himself or by another company or individual freelancer.

- In case that the client wants to add or modify links or scripts or pages (only if the client did not order customer service from El-Semicolon).

- When the scripts do wrong requests without any testing from the client.

- When the order result in a wrong payment or result in a loss for the client and the reason is not programmatically.

When should the client pay for services?

- Within 14 days after receiving the invoice from El-Semicolon about the order.

- If the client is ordering a modification (without customer service from El-Semicolon).

- If the client tried to change the code and that stopped the scripts and he/she asks us to fix it.

- If the client wants to end the customer support before the expiary date.

When do we offer services for free?

- When there is a mistake in the design that was delivered with the order (within a year).

- When there is a mistake in the scripts that were delivered with the order (within a year).

- When you have a subscription of customer support with El-Semicolon.

- When the website goes down and the reason is a mistake in the code.

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